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We're looking for a barman. You need experience in wines, first and foremost. No need to be a sommelier, no need for WSET. But you need to understand the basics of wine - tastes, types and differences. You also need to be able to make a killer classic cocktail and know that you can learn more - if you think you have nothing more to learn then don't make contact. We need your personality - to chat to and have fun with guests while always remaining utterly professional. There are growth prospects and we will pay to further your wine training and knowledge. Over and above all of this, you need to be fully committed, honest, ethical and a team player. You'll be one a a fantastic group of people who make up the Ace+Pearl team, there's no room for lone soldiers.

If this sounds good, then let's meet.



Ace+Pearl is also a part of Warm&Glad, and we looking for a new barista to join our team. You may or may not be stationed at a coffee trailer at a school (as our current barista is becoming quite the champion and we're look into roasting our own beans). You need to know how to make a kick-ass coffee. You need to know how to make changes to your grind. You need to know how to perfectly froth milk. And you need to know that you'll probably end up making more Freezochinos than coffees, but that's just how it is.

If this is cool for you, it's cool for us, and so let's chat.